Talent Concept


Xiamen Node Group takes "improving the company by talents" as the strategy, adheres to the "people-oriented" concept, complies with "quality first" as the first goal.

Human Resource Objectives of the Group:

Xiamen Node Group adheres to the "people-oriented" development concept of the company, attracts, cultivates and retains the middle and high-level talents who are closely related to the development of the company, to build an elite talent team with reasonable allocation and structural optimization;

The group will form effective management ability of human resources, and manage the employees at all levels with humanity and high efficiency; improve the merit pay system and make it commensurate with the development of the enterprise and the job responsibilities of employees, safeguard fairness and justice, make sure the rewards and punishments are reasonable, the short-term interests of employees are subordinated to the long-term interests of the company.

The Xiamen Node Group will shape the excellent brand image of enterprises, build a "learning organization" staff growth mechanism, effectively promote the common development of employees and enterprises; establish a strong "talent pool" to prepare for the development of enterprises at all stages of talent demand.

Recruitment Strategy:

Choosing the candidate from the moral character and professional ethics, and require them have the following characteristics such as honesty, good working attitude, strong executive ability, obedience to management, good at learning and summarizing, etc. The candidate must abide by the concept, i.e., the individuals interests are subordinated to the collective interests, the collective interests are subordinated to the company’s interests, discard the personal heroism, always take the overall situation of the enterprise as the first.

Cultivation Philosophy:

The system is strictly implemented, and the system, process and culture reeducation of enterprise employees are continuously carried out to create the "iron discipline". The training will never stop, and the group continue to "recharge" employee’s knowledge and skills to build a learning team.

Employing Strategy:

The Group will discover able people and put them at suitable posts, empower those who are capable, appraise the performance of the staff and eliminate the last one.

Talents Retention Strategy:

The Group will attract the senior executives by visions and platforms, retain the middle-level officials by career and treatment, and stabilize employees by training and career planning.

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