Enhancement of University-Enterprise Cooperation to Promote Win-Win Development

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Node group is on the road to large-scale, diversified, and continuous development. It has established a long-term and graded talent cultivation and introduction mechanisms according to its development demands and planed to attract more high-component talents from universities to join Node. In order to actively respond to national policy of “encourage university-enterprise cooperation to strengthen scientific and technological innovation”, Node group successively establishes long-term cooperation with universities in Xiamen, such as Xiamen University, Jimei University, and Xiamen University of Technology.

     The Xiamen headquarter of Node group, as the training base for cooperative universities, has reached good communication and cooperation with cooperative universities. The research and development of group is integrated with the teaching and learning of cooperative universities to promote each other’s development. Node group provides the internship and employment opportunities for students of cooperative universities, initiatively undertook the social responsibilities, and cultivates more “craftsmen” for the society. Recently, Chen Guodong, the secretary of Science of Mathematics College of Xiamen University, led the undergraduates and graduates of Mathematics College to visit Node for communication, which laid a foundation for the sustainable cooperation between two sides. 




                                                                                              Node Group Participated in Winter Recruitment Fair for 2019 Graduates in Xiamen University    





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December 7th,2018

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