Customer Complaint Management System

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The Introduction to the System:

      The customer complaint management system provides an appeal way for the customer or dealer with regard to the defective product. It can accelerate the after-sale service process among customer, dealer, and manufacture through the following functions, such as complaint addition, defective product identification, repair acceptance, damage compensation, work order tracking, satisfaction return visit, and data statistic and analysis. Meanwhile, the system can flexibly connect with the OA system and financial system to strengthen the contacts between dealer and manufacture. The manual intervention is reduced with the scientific process system for after-sale service, realizing electronic computerization management. The enterprise overall management level is also improved through the system, enhancing enterprises’ competitive edge in after-sale service.


Product Features:

1. Multi-platform

Support Android, iOS mobile client, WeChat and Alipay access, and computer.

2.Professional Appraisal and Assessment

Analyze the complaint dada with professional knowledge and provide professional identification mechanism and appraisal based on the experts’ advice to offer judgement basis for appraiser.

3.Comprehensive Report Analysis

Provide comprehensive data basis for company product and service quality improvement through multidimensional data analysis and intuitive charts.

4.  Flexible Configuration

The system can configure the unit, product property and user material to meet different industries’ needs for complain management. 

5. Operational Integration

   The system is well-designed with integrated complaint process functions. It has a clarified and perfect complaint process with easy and smart function design, improving company’s service quality.


Functional Architecture:



Function Features:

1.Complaint Management: It is the window for receiving customers’ complaint. It collects the complaint information, issues the complaint handling process, confirms the complaint type according to the content, and provides solutions.

2. Complaint Tracking and Customer Return Visit: Track the complaint to ensure that the complaint is quickly solved and gets feedback. Meanwhile, make a return visit to the customer who has complained to learn the product’s usage.

3.Compensation Management: Set a unified compensation mechanism and level; record products’ compensation amounts and results.

4.Product Material Management: Maintain the product basic information to facilitate customers and services with convenient search-read function.

5.Announcement Management: Establish, approve, and issue announcement.


Application Fields

In view of the product that the dealer markets, the customer complaint management system is provided for manufacture and dealer to handle deficient, damaged, and unqualified products. With the combination of traditional internet and mobile apps, the system can issue the complaint, make identification, check product information, calculate the compensation, and release the new product information online. It can also complete after-sale service statistics with the data supported and calculate the failure rate of product.



Case I: Customer Service Management System for a Group

Customer complaint management system provides a perfect appeal service for enterprise. It provides a scientific appraisal and handling mechanism for dealer and connects with multiple operating systems to realize seamlessly transfer of data. Meanwhile, the manual intervention can be reduced with the scientific process system for after-sale service management, realizing electronic information management. The enterprise overall management level is improved through the system, enhancing its competitive edge in after-sale service.





Case II: Customer Complaint System for an Enterprise

Based on the WEB, the system can manage, maintain, search, and deal with the product, customer, and complaint information online. It is highly extensible and customized, and meets personalized management requirements through design and customization. The system is equipped with data browsing and statistical functions, such as thumbnail view, diagram or report view; it can realize internal communication with information center, message, email, news, comment, and prompt; it can also meet the data exchange and safety functions through excel import and export, data backup and restore, and authorization. 





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