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About Kingdee

Established in 1993, Kingdee was listed in Hong Kong Stock Exchange (stock code:0268).

With the cutting-edge science and technique, Kingdee, which takes information product and service as the core, has provided cloud management products and service for more than 1 million enterprises and governments, being the forerunner in China software market. Today, more than 2000 partners have chosen Kingdee as the co-creating and win-win development platform. IDC authoritative data shows that Kingdee ranks first in China’s middle and small market share for nine straight years. Half of Fortune China top 100 enterprises have chosen Kingdee.

Kingdee always adheres to “help customer succeed” business philosophy, abides by “take the right path and act benevolently” core value, and has stuck to “strengthen the nation by software” dream for the past twenty years. Today, Kingdee, taking “make business natural and smooth” as its mission, devotes itself as the global leading cloud management provider to help China enterprises realize transformation and upgrading national dream.

Kingdee sets up three software parks in Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Beijing respectively and established the following affiliated companies: Kingdee Software(China)Co., Ltd. that focuses on enterprise management software and internet service market, Shenzhen Kingdee Middleware Co., Ltd. on middleware business, Kingdee Healthcare Software Sci&Tech Co., Ltd. on healthcare industry informatization, and Kingdee International Software Group(Hong Kong)Co., Ltd. on Asian-pacific region (except China mainland) and oversea markets.


Introduction to Integrated Application

Kingdee customization development service refers that according to customer’s actual need, Kingdee provides customers with customized software development service based on its software product, technology platform, and other advanced technologies. The service specifically includes standard product function modification, customer value-added system development, report customization, and application integration.

After years of development, Kingdee Hebei branch development department has become a specialized customization development team with several development consultants. It provides customization development service for more than 400 customers with Kingdee advanced customization development technology platform. Based on Kingdee BOS, it develops systems for walks of life, such as medium, cultivation, feed, logistic, port, real estate, leasing, human agency, bidding, project management, dormitory management.

Kingdee customization development service provides customized service according to customers needs, offering customers with most direct practical value and letting them experience real and custom-made value realization. It is easy to use and is quick to generate effect.

Due to different industries, scales, and management philosophies, the enterprises are different in management emphasis. However, the traditional management software is difficult to satisfy users’ individual demand due to its limited design level, the special development is unable to adapt the variability of enterprise management in time, and the completely generalized software can’t meet enterprise individuation management. In order to respect enterprise culture and manifest individuation management, Kingdee launches the secondary development platform to realize enterprise individuation management together with Kingdee enterprise management software system.

1Secondary Development based on Kingsee K3 BOS

    Kingdee K/3 BOS (Business Operation System) is a business-oriented and open integration application platform with strong business configuration and integrated development capability. K/3 BOS, the basic supporting platform for Kingdee K/3 ERP, not only can effectively support K/3 standard system, but also can construct numerous industrial application and integration application solutions based on the platform, which greatly improves K/3 enterprise adaptability.

2Secondary Development based on Kingsee EAS BOS

Based on EAS BOS, Kingdee EAS system is a complete enterprise management solution with completely open technical standards and easy integration feature. It effectively solves the three problems existing in current software industry, namely how to quickly adapt changes, how to improve software developing efficiency, and how to integrate various application systems.

3Bar Code Application Development

Bar code is a special code used to mark a specific object in the logistics domain. It is a shared data in the whole supply chain process, including manufacture, distribution industry, transportation, and customers. It runs through the whole process and through bar code data’s collecting and feedback, the logistics system’s economic performance of the whole logistic system is improved. It is highly integrated with Kingdee ERP.

4Software Individuation Development

    Develop individually according to different customers’ requirements.

5Database Design and Performance Optimization

6BI Implementation and Development

7Mobile Terminal Development

8Web Development

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